Our partners

Nick Griffin

Founding Partner & Chief Investment Officer

Ronald Calvert

Founding Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Spensley

Founding Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Bianca Mercury

Partner & Office Manager

James Tsinidis

Partner & Portfolio Manager

Jeremy Gibson

Partner & Portfolio Manager

Kieran Moore

Partner & Portfolio Manager

Haydn Potgieter

Partner & Senior Investment Analyst

Subramanian Kumar

Investment Analyst

Daniel Condon

Investment Analyst

Huw Flanagan


Joanna Tan

Partner & Financial Controller

Lechelle Hooper

Compliance Manager

Sam Shields

Partner & Operations and Risk Manager

Akilan Karuna

Partner & Head of North America

Jason Ewe

Senior Fund Operation Analyst

Kabi Thaya

Institutional Sales Associate - North America

Taylor Bree-Casey

Communications Manager

Jessica Rule

Human Resources Manager

Mike Harut

Responsible Investment Manager

Stella Ni

Fund Operations Analyst

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