Investment returns first. Our relative return global growth equities fund aims to take the traditional but more concentrated investment path by being full invested in our portfolio of global growth equities across 20 to 40 long positions.

Key facts


Global growth equities


Long only, relative returns

Fund type

Unlisted managed fund

Underlying Fund

Number of positions

20 – 40

Fund inception

31 October 2019

Minimum suggested investment period

5 - 7 years






The Fund is designed to maximise long term capital appreciation primarily through exposure to a concentrated portfolio of growth-oriented equities issued by companies located anywhere in the world, except Australia.

You may consider this fund if you are looking for capital growth, intend to invest in global growth equities for at least 5-7 years, accessing  leading-edge companies at the forefront of structural change and wish to remain fully invested (less than 10% cash) and are therefore less concerned by short term market volatility.

This Fund is not suitable for those investors with a short investment time horizon (less than 5 years), seeking regular income or does not have a high / very high tolerance for risk given full exposure to equities.

How it's different

Each of Munro's funds are focused on finding global structural growth winners, with the Munro Concentrated Global Growth Fund aiming to generate ‘relative returns’, that is, outperform the MSCI World Index over a 5 to 7 year time period. The Fund is a long-only fund.  

The Fund focuses on growth equities, providing access to some of the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the world. Through a fully invested, high conviction portfolio of 20-40 companies, it is a true international equities fund. The Fund is relatively unconstrained by region or sector index weights, focusing on opportunities outside of Australia.

Our Chief Investment Officer, Nick Griffin, explains the Munro Concentrated Global Growth Fund and the investment process in this 10 minute video:

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