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Munro’s investment philosophy remains the same throughout the world: focusing on the simple task of identifying and investing in companies that have the potential to grow at a faster rate and on a more sustainable basis than the peer group.

Munro established operations in Canada in November 2018 through a partnership with CI Global Asset Management (CI GAM) with the launch of the liquid alternative fund, the CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund. Munro additionally launched the CI Munro Global Growth Equity Fund, a long only mutual fund in January 2019 and in July 2021, the CI Global Climate Leaders Fund.

To further support our growing footprint in North America, Munro made its first international appointment with Akilan Karuna joining as Head of North America in July 2020 and he became a partner in July 2021. In addition, we have strengthened our North American relationship management coverage with the appointment of Kabi Thaya as Institutional Sales Associate in April 2021. Both Akilan and Kabi are domiciled in Toronto, Canada.

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* As at 30 April  2024. Returns since inception are for the CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund (Series F), inception date 7 November 2018.

Canadian Funds

Through CIGAM, Munro manages (as sub-advisor) the following global growth equities strategies in Canada:

CI Munro Alternative Global Growth Fund

Global long/short equity (liquid alternative)

Capital preservation first. Investment returns second.

Our liquid alternative global growth equities fund aims to "smooth" the investment journey through utilising capital preservation tools such as increased cash levels, short positions, put options, currency hedging and equity exposure management.

CI Munro Global Growth Equity Fund

Global long-only equities.

Investment returns first.

Our relative return global growth equities fund aims to take the traditional but more volatile investment path by being full invested in the market across 20 to 40 long positions.

CI Global Climate Leaders Fund

Global thematic (Climate) equity.

A portfolio of climate winners that help enable the decarbonization of the planet –those companies that are best positioned to champion and win from this structural change.

In comparison to many other climate funds that focus on index weighted net-zero businesses, the CI Global Climate Leaders Fund is built on a concentrated long-only portfolio of 15 to 25 companies combatting climate change.

The three above Munro funds are also available as an exchange traded fund (ETF) quoted on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the following ticker codes (both CAD and USD purchase options available):

CMAG / CMAG.U : CI Munro Alternative Global Growth ETF

CMGG / CMGG.U: CI Munro Global Growth Equity ETF

CLML / CLML.U: CI Global Climate Leaders ETF


Akilan Karuna

Partner & Head of Institutional and Strategic Partnerships

Kabi Thaya

Institutional Strategist - North America

Nick Holland

Institutional Sales Associate


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