Understanding ESG
Munro's internal ESG

Munro Partners believes that it cannot endorse appropriate environmental, social and governance issues to its portfolio companies without first incorporating standards internally.

While Munro holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), we believe that incorporating ESG considerations into our investment process is our licence to operate into the future.

Munro sees many of the ESG practices as simply common sense and therefore have incorporated into our business operations. For example:

Recycling initiatives, green office environment and aiming for a carbon neutral business.

Ownership within Munro being a reflection of all the partners and thus encouraging respect, ongoing training, family and personal flexibility and general wellness.

Munro’s business philosophy stems from building investor relationships based on partnership, shared philosophy, transparency and accountability.


Munro is on the journey and recognises that there are industry leading responsible investment associations that can guide us in being a better investment manager.

Responsible Investment Association (RIA)


Investor Group on Climate Change

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