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Munro Partners, March 1 2023

March 1, 2023

Munro Global Growth Webinar


Munro Partners

Munro Partners held a live Zoom webinar Q&A with our Chief Investment Officer, Nick Griffin on Wednesday, 1 March 2023 at 12:00pm (AEST).
The Q&A webinar was hosted by GSFM and its Head of Retail Distribution, Stephen Fletcher.

SF (00:00:00): Introduction
SF (00:01:24): Munro have recently bolstered the investment team with 2 new hires, would you like to take the listeners on the call through these exciting additions to the team?
SF (00:03:38): What are your thoughts on the start of 2023?
SF (00:10:56): What will you need to see before you feel like you can get the cash back to work and get your net exposure back in the 90's or 100%?
SF (00:14:42): Capital protection plays an important role within MGGF. Our listeners are always keen to understand how you're protecting the portfolio today... can you talk more about this?SF (00:19:24): AI is a structural theme that you've been talking about for many years - specifically driven by Moore's Law and I'm sure everyone on the call today remembers this from your previous presentations over the years. Then over the summer break we were all introduced to ChatGPT and we're now starting to read about and slowly understand the power of what AI could bring to the world. Can you take us through how you see AI impacting the planet...and as a growth equity investor, how do you believe investors can monetise this structural theme?
SF (00:26:36): Nick let's move onto the other key theme's / AOI's in your portfolio. Which of these are you adding to right now and why do you think they will work over the next few years?SF (00:28:56): What's not on this slide that the team is working on today and what's stopping you from investing today?
SF (00:31:30): Last question we are getting from a lot of clients is 'Do growth stocks still work in a 5% interest rate environment?' or have things changed for the asset class and we are all better off buying bonds?Q&A
SF (00:34:28): Do you see the potential for the market PE multiple to expand even while earnings are being revised lower, meaning share prices hold up okay despite EPS being revised lower?
SF (00:36:12): The Formula One Grand Prix is here in Melbourne in about a months time. You've talked about the stock before, would you look to buy it at some point?SF (00:38:09): What about short opportunities at the moment, can you talk about those?SF (00:40:35): A question on NVIDIA, do you have any comments on the recent earnings result?
SF (00:43:08): Do you want to talk about your view on TESLA right now, and how you're handling that?
SF (00:45:47): Conclusion and takeaways

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