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November 23, 2022

Munro Climate Change Leaders Fund webinar: The US$50T Climate Opportunity


Munro Partners

Munro Partners held a live Zoom webinar Q&A with our Climate Co-leads, Nick Griffin and James Tsinidis and Responsible Investment Manager, Mike Harut, on Wednesday, 23 November at 12:00pm (ADST). The Q&A webinar was hosted by GSFM and its National Distribution Manager, Stephen Taylor.
ST (00:00:00): Introduction
NG (00:01:39): Introduction
NG (00:02:36): About Munro
NG (00:06:18): About the Munro Climate Change Leaders Fund
MH (00:08:43): Responsible Investment and ESG Integrations
NG (00:17:08): The investment opportunity for climate
JT  (00:26:23): Current Positioning and Fund Update

(00:31:58): Does the fund invest in carbon credits? What is your view on voluntary carbon credits?
(00:35:26): Can you outline your ESG process and the impact of company engagement?
(00:41:32): Can you discuss the risks involved with Nuclear?
(00:44:25): Constellation Energy thesis
(00:47:24) What stocks do you like in the circular economy sub-area of interest?
(00:52:09) Can you provide some colour around how nuclear is renewable? How do you store all the waste from nuclear energy?
(00:55:48) Would it be fair to classify you as a global climate industrial play, encompassing technology and traditional industrial companies but doesn't have exposure to mining and commodities?
(00:57:01) Conclusion and takeaways

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