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February 16, 2021

Finding the next generation of winners


Livewire Markets

Like the Big Four in tennis, tech’s Big Four – Apple, Facebook, Alphabet, and Amazon – are generally closer to the end of their ‘career’ than the beginning. While they no doubt still have many wins ahead of them, injuries are becoming more common, and the biggest successes are now largely behind them, says Nick Griffin from the Munro Global Growth Fund.

“While we think many of the Big Four will continue, some of them will begin to wane. We are moving on from stocks like Facebook, we’re picking our winners out of those Big Four, and we’re using that money to really look at the next generation of internet winners.”

In this interview, Nick tells us about the next generation of internet winner, explains what the bears are missing about Tesla, and shares one key area of interest that he says is “the biggest opportunity since the internet.”

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