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Munro Partners, February 9 2022

February 9, 2022

February 2022 Update


Munro Partners

Munro Partners held a live Zoom webinar Q&A with our Chief Investment Officer, Nick Griffin on Wednesday, 9 February at 12:00pm (ADST).

The Q&A webinar was hosted by GSFM and its Head of Private Wealth, Stephen Higgins.

SH (00:00:00): Introduction

NG (00:01:51): Introduction

NG (00:02:40): About Munro

NG (00:04:24): How we invest

NG (00:06:58): Performance Update

NG (00:14:23): Market Update

NG (00:20:30): Current Positioning

NG (00:24:18): High Performance Computing

NG (00:28:26): Climate

NG (00:31:09): Innovative Health


(00:35:15): What catalysts are you looking for to redeploy capital?

(00:38:56): Can you talk about shorting and what you learnt from January [2022]?

(00:40:36): Can you discuss the valuation of Facebook/Meta?

(00:42:08): What caused the stop loss on PayPal? Was it overvalued?

(00:45:38) What other digital payments companies do you hold?

(00:47:56) How worried are you by the Fed and rate rises?

(00:51:15): Can you discuss M&A and video games as a thematic?

(00:52:50) Conclusion and takeaways

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